Hangover Relief

Best Anti Hangover Pill

Did you know that all alcohol derives from some type of sugar? Taking NAD+ supplement after drinking helps to convert the alcohol back into sugar and that sugar into energy. NAD+ is one of the most effective liver detoxifiers. Trust science (not fancy marketing) to help you recover from a big weekend. Try Healixir! 


The weekends are for letting your hair down, having fun and decompressing from the week. Get a little bit of fun in, you know. But then there is the dreaded Monday morning with the struggle to get out of bed and get on with the week.
Now your mornings have just been made easy with The Weekender Bounce Back!

Containing 100% pure NAD+, Healixir supplements gives your body what it needs to naturally heal and repair. NAD+ is our bodies natural method of detox pushing out all the nasties from our systems and holding on to the good stuff we need, whilst also going to work to repair cellular damage. When we start to replenish our bodies natural stores of NAD+ we are optimised to recover physically and mentally much faster than on average.

Unlike the other supplements found on supermarket shelves, Healixir contains the scientific break through ingredient that is NAD+. Others supplements claim to be NAD+ but are not, they are just filler and ingredients that convert to NAD+ over time. When in comes to your recovery plan invest in the best to get you back on your feet!