The Story Of Healixir

I was killing it in New York. I had a thriving fashion agency, my own fashion label , a hubby and two kids and beautiful homes. I was “ living” the life. Well so I faked it. You see, I was deeply unhappy even though I had a life checklist that was checked off. I wasn’t depressed, I just wasn’t following my highest excitement. I was petrified at the thought of leaving behind what didn’t make me happy and starting again. The more I went on the deeper the unhappiness until I reached a point of no return. My marriage was toxic, I was bored in a business I wasn’t passionate about anymore and I was miserable.


I plucked up the courage to do the unthinkable. I left my husband, my businesses, my homes and the USA. I literally burned my life up in smokes and packed two suitcases with two kids in tow, and I landed back in Australia at my parent’s doorstep.


This is where it gets interesting...stick with me.


I realised something. It was in the decomposing of my old life and “sitting in the dirty bath water” that the magic happened. I started to connect with whom I really am and it started to feel good.


Ok ok here’s the Healixir part.....


Fast-forward a few months and I reconnect with my long-lost cousin.  He played with the kids for hours and I was exhausted watching him. I asked him “ where are you getting all of this energy from? “. He replied “NAD+”.


Huh? What the hell is NAD I asked him and that’s really the beginning of my Healixir journey.

It turns out my cousin had some struggles in his twenties that led him to finding out about this miracle molecule called NAD+. I had no idea that we already have NAD in our bodies and the key to keeping young, pulsating with life and feeling energised was to keep your levels of NAD up.


In the end, I was so compelled to try this thing called NAD but I could only try it in an IV format. NAD administered through an infusion is very expensive, painful and very time consuming. 


 I decided to make it my mission to find a way to take NAD+ that didn’t require a needle, a hefty price and NOT an imitation supplement that doesn’t really work      (there are A LOT of “ NAD” supplements out there that are not actually NAD in the capsule!).


I found the holy grail..... I found 100% pure scientifically formulated NAD+ AND here is the kicker: I discovered the ENTERIC COATED CAPSULE. This is the key to transporting the NAD to the small intestine so it does not breakdown in the stomach. This allows for the highest absorption possible of NAD+ in a supplement format.


HOW EXCITED I was when I finally got to trial this product and  bounced off the walls from the benefits I received!


To end this long-winded story- I got my mojo back. I’ve found meaning in my life again with HEALIXIR , my kids are loving life in Australia ( they’re accents are changing and I miss the way they say “water” and “ banana”) and I even found love along the way...