The Story Of Healixir


Are you conscious of how you’re aging?

Tired of having low energy, excess belly fat, poor mental clarity. . .

And FEELING an overall sense of unhealthiness?

Hi my name is Melissa Trovato and I help people age successfully and stay youthful by using a little-known miracle molecule called NAD+.

Instyle Magazine called my supplement “a new level of wellness in a bottle” . . .

. . . and it’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Bazaar, and more.

You see, I started taking NAD+ at the age of 42 on a hope and a prayer. . .

I had just gotten out of a toxic divorce, dissolved my thriving fashion agency, and left my beautiful home in New York City to come back to Australia.

On the outside, I was “living” the life (or so it seemed).

But on the inside, I was miserable, had low energy, trouble focusing, and had this feeling of “brain fog” 24/7.

To be frank, I just felt UNWELL. . . Sound familiar?

Fast-forward a few months, and I reconnect with my long-lost cousin. 

He was playing with the kids for HOURS, and I got exhausted just watching him. . . 

So I asked him, “where are you getting all of this energy from?”

He replied, “NAD+.”

“Huh? What the **** is NAD?” I thought to myself.

And that’s the start of my Healixir journey.

I discovered that we already have NAD in our bodies, and it’s a molecule the human body naturally produces. 

But as we age, our NAD levels decline.

The key to keeping young, pulsating with life, increasing metabolism, and feeling energised is maintaining adequate levels of NAD.

(Reducing hangover symptoms is a fantastic bonus too)

The issue is I could only try NAD+ as an IV infusion. 

And while Justin Beiber routinely does NAD+ infusions at an average price point of over $1,000+/session, this is not sustainable for the average person.

Not only are IV infusions expensive, but they are also painful and very time-consuming. 

I decided to find a way to take NAD+ that didn’t require a needle, a hefty price tag, or imitation supplements that don’t actually work.

(there are A LOT of “NAD” supplements out there without actual NAD in the capsule!)

Then I found the holy grail. . . 100% pure, scientifically formulated NAD+, and here is the kicker: 


This special type of capsule is the key to transporting NAD to the small intestine, preventing breakdown in the stomach and allowing this molecule to absorb directly in the cells for the highest absorption possible.

My mission is to share it with you:

Healixir is the world’s first 100% pure NAD+ supplement with an enteric-coated capsule.

And while it’s not cheap, it’s still 1/10th the price of an IV infusion for the same amount of NAD.

Over the years, I’ve received countless messages and testimonials from happy customers sharing life-changing results after supplementing with Healixir’s LimitlessNAD+.

In the end, I got my mojo back. I’ve found meaning in life again through Healixir (and my kids are loving life in Australia).

NAD+ is time-tested, proven, and works for people of all ages. 

If this is something you’re interested in, just visit our site by clicking the button and try LimitlessNAD+ today.

See you on the other side,