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I haven’t received my most recent order

It did not arrive. All previous orders arrived with no issues.

It made a difference for me.

I took this for two months and honestly didn't think it was doing much. Then I ran out. Within 2 weeks I was back to having broken sleep, struggling to get up for a run, feeling like garbage after a glass of wine and my jeans were tight again. This is definitely something I intend to keep taking.

Why would you need another supplement?

The science is already there. NAD+ is an essential supplement so critical for so many functions in the body. This product rates above anything else out there. It is 100% NAD+ in the most absorbable form available in a capsule form. The benefits of NAD+ are too many to write here although energy is the most obvious and instantly noticeable benefit. This is top shelf NAD+ and is the fountain of youth! Thanks to Mel for making this awesome product available!!

Absolutely love this product

I’ve been using this product for 5 days now and I can say that from day 1, I noticed a big shift in “how I feel”. I feel more alive, I have clearer thinking and I just feel good. My body feels clean. Yes, I am also doing intermittent fasting and choosing a low carb diet, but I started that a week before I started NAD. And I noticed a massive shift on the first day of NAD and I didn’t do anything else on that day just to see the results and what the hype is all about. I also drank quite heavily over the weekend and yet I still felt clear headed and clean. Love it and will continue to buy as feeling good is better than feeling not so good!!!

Fountain of Youth!

I’m 54 years of age, going through the menopausal fatigue, not sleeping & just lacked vitality. NAD+ changed that after just a week & my energy increased substantially! After 2 weeks, I felt more vibrant, my skin was clearer, my eyes were brighter & my sleep was improving. This product is a “game changer” & one that has improved the quality of my days.

Excellent product

I take this product for overall heath and it definitely makes a difference
I am 60 years old and my broken wrist healed in 6 weeks

More energy but no weight loss as yet

Definitely don't get a hangover after drinking now and feel like I have more energy in the afternoon but haven't seen any real big results with the weight loss. Have been using for two months.

I finally found my must-have supplements!!!!

I dont often write reviews but this product really impressed me and left me speechless.
I started taking this supplement and I could definitely feel the changes in my body. I work and also take care of my 6 month old. I used to feel so exhausted by the end of the day with no energy. After I started taking this supplement, I feel more energetic than before. Also, my PMS tensions have reduced- backache... I feel so relieved with less pain in my back. I have also started sleeping well. My nails have strengthen and my hair loss has reduced drastically. This supplement has changed my life, for real. I also recommended the product and Healixier to my best friend and she is looking forward for this program after she has the baby.
I would specially like to thank Melissa for being awesome and very responsive to my queries. I cannot disclose from where I found Healixir, but I am glad and so glad to have found Healixier. I am soooooooo looking forward to start the 30-day intensive program and then start maintaining my NAD levels.

The real deal

This stuff is legit. I can't remember the last time I had this kind of energy. It's a very clean feeling energy, not like taking caffeine or other stimulants. And it leaves me with no trouble sleeping at night (if I have caffeine I can't sleep that night). It really does feel like winding back the clock about 20 years!

Healixir Limitless NAD+

My husband and I have been taking the NAD supplement for a month now and we absolutely love the results. We have sustained energy throughout the whole day! No problems falling asleep and feel more focused. We are both 43 and feel great with the help of these little caps thank you!

Love these little caps

Being a busy makeup artist I need extra energy these NAD tabs really help my sleep so I have more energy to power through the day thanks for helping me ❤️

Hasn’t happened yet....

Living in hope that Beauty Filter is doing it’s work behind the scene, waiting for amazing results ;)

All products

These products amazing! I have so much energy and vitality and the sleep pills work a treat you just full asleep in 30mins. So glad I found these products

Still haven't caught covid

I'm unvaccinated and living with family who are, they caught covid and I been tested twice and still haven't caught it, I think it's because I'm taking this stuff, builds immunity big time, I gave it to.my parents who have covid and I feel that this stuff is helping them heal quicker

I thought it was not very effective until I saw I photo of my back
The fat is disappearing! Highly recommend

So happy with the results!

I’m so happy with results in just two days of taking the Get Up supplements I have to say I have had the most amazing results in just two days I can’t wait too see once I finish my first course thank you so much for your support in helping me get me back into a Healthy routine

Lots of Love


Sleepy wonder is a great sleep support and leaves you feeling fresh the next day - perfect!

This is a gamer changer

This product is amazing. I’m feeling really good after taking it for 1 week now. I have more energy, mental health is so much better. My anxiety has calmed down. and I have so more mental alertness.

Great product

Not only the Nad tablets are great but the service and assistance is amazing 🤩
Highly recommend!

Thank you

Great product and great communication regarding delivery - very responsive thank you

Been taking it for about month and has changed my energy levels love it thank you so much X

I found my mojo !!

Oh wow, a little skeptical at first but overwhelmingly convinced! Not only has this helped me focus as I'd hoped for, its changed my mood for the better as found I'm a little chirpier... especially in the mornings! What a result :D ha

Calmed my nervous system & helped me through a painful grief process

Honestly blown away by how much this product improved how I felt from just 7 days of use.
I recently lost a close family member & had really been struggling with processing the loss.
Since receiving the news, every single day I was in tears.
Every single day I felt overwhelming grief. And every single day I was becoming more & more reactive to the smallest triggers & lashing out at those closest to me...

Within 2 days of “loading up” on NAD (3 tablets per day) I was beginning to feel calmer & more at peace... by the 7th day I felt like I was finally able to go through a full day functioning with normalcy.

I’m always a pessimist when it comes to these things, however now I am not only incredibly grateful for the existence of this product, I am a raving fan & cannot recommend it highly enough.
If I could give more than 5 stars I would