Why is NAD Essential for Muscle Health?

This article at a glance:

  • NAD is found to be hyper present in muscle cells
  • NAD provides energy production and healthy cellular regeneration
  • NAD supports our muscle functions both involuntary and voluntary

Why is NAD Essential for Muscle Health? 

NAD is found to be hyper present in muscle cells, due to the large number of mitochondria. NAD is a crucial factor in energy production. Commonly referred to as a 'coenzyme', NAD works with enzymes to power the mitochondria know as our cells batteries.

NAD supports many functions within the human body especially when it comes to our muscles. Muscles perform a particular contractions and expansions to accomodate movement involuntary and voluntary.

The involuntary movement supports bodily mechanisms beyond your conscious control, such as our heart and lungs. These muscles perform independently of our conscious control. 

The voluntary muscle function supports our function by our own conscious choice, such as walking and talking. The skeletal muscle which wrap around our bones are directly governed by voluntary movement. When we choose to speak or use our hands to reach out or pick something up when do this by choice and instruct our hands and mouthes on what to do.

All of these muscle mechanics that operate and support the human function, frame, repair and recovery, all rely directly on NAD+ to provide energy production and healthy cellular regeneration.

Due to a low supply of NAD available to as as we age, our muscle functions begin to decline and we slowly start to become frail, slow along with loosing our strength and balance. This is due to muscle deterioration as it no longer has enough cellular energy to maintain mass and function.

In order to maintain healthy muscle well into our later years NAD replenishment is essential. NAD supplementation is now being referred to as a cutting edge tool in maintaining our youth and vitality. 

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