Why Depression Is Worse In The Morning

Depression can be worse in the morning for a variety of reasons. Many people who suffer from depressive disorders may be more at risk of facing morning depression. In addition to lifestyle changes, there are biological reasons why you may be more depressed in the morning. 

However, there are some key things that you can do to limit morning depression and create a happier and healthier life. 

Why Am I Depressed Waking Up?

Mornings can be tricky for most people. However, if you struggle with depression, waking up can be even more difficult. Furthermore, when your circadian rhythm is thrown off, depression can worsen, leaving you feeling worse when waking up. 

Morning depression can cause irritability, disinterest in activities, and difficulties completing even the smallest tasks. Even though this can be difficult to manage, brands such as Healixir strive to create supplements that promote healthy habits for healing. In conjunction with that, those suffering from morning depression may also engage in talk therapy or other therapeutic activities such as meditation, yoga, or journaling. 

Symptoms of Morning Depression

Morning depression can be linked back to unhealthy habits as well as major depressive disorder. Although this is the case, you can thankfully ease morning depression symptoms through some simple lifestyle changes. 

One main symptom of morning depression is a lack of energy when waking up. If you struggle to wake up or wake up with limited energy, you may be struggling from morning depression. This can be incredibly challenging since starting the day without any energy is very hard, especially when it occurs often. 

Another symptom of morning depression is difficulty with simple tasks. For example, brushing your teeth and taking a shower when you wake up may be a simple routine for most. However, for those struggling with morning depression, even the smallest tasks can be difficult. 

Lack of interest in activities is another common symptom of morning depression. Those who struggle with depression feel sad very regularly. Naturally, this can decrease interest in activities that someone normally does. However, if you lose interest in normally enjoyable activities, you may be currently living with morning depression.

In addition to that, inattentiveness or lack of concentration could be prevalent. This may leave you feeling as though you are in a haze or that your mind is foggy. Again, this could be due to a lack of NAD+, a molecule that promotes a healthy mind with stamina and clarity

It is a coenzyme that functions within the mitochondria, helps with metabolic reactions, and improves body processes. Although this molecule naturally occurs in our body, there are cases where it is decreased. If you have decreased levels of NAD+, then this may contribute to your morning depression. Healixir offers LimitlessNAD+ capsules, which help balance our bodies' natural chemicals and promotes a healthier lifestyle that can help combat morning depression. 

In addition to helping balance your body, NAD+ also helps in muscle gain, recovery, weight loss, increased metabolism, improved mood, heart health, and more. By promoting healthier body processes, your body will feel better and perform better, making NAD+ a valuable addition to your body. 

Tips That Help Some People Feel Better Waking Up

Get a good night’s rest - Waking up can be difficult with morning depression. However, the first step to waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day is getting a good night's rest. Going to bed and waking up at the same time daily helps create that consistency. Also, maintaining a healthy and consistent sleep schedule of around 8 hours can be beneficial in helping you wake up feeling your best. 

Try Sleepy Wonder - Healixir offers Sleepy Wonder, a naturally found amino acid that enhances sleep quality, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improves focus, memory, and attention. In addition, this has been shown to help improve circadian rhythm and balance out one's sleep schedule, which helps combat feelings of sadness alongside morning depression. 

Avoid heavy food, caffeine, and alcohol before bed - Avoiding fatty foods and alcohol can help enhance your sleep habits. Eating too close to bedtime can cause digestive issues. If your body has to focus on digestion, this will disrupt your sleep rhythm. This will cause a lack of restful sleep that your body needs to recover. Alcohol is also a culprit of this as it is a depressant. Although it may make sleeping easier, your body will metabolize the alcohol instead of focusing on good sleep habits. 

Dedicate your bed for sleep only - Dedicating your bed for rest and rest alone is one of the most important things you can do to minimize morning depression. Working or studying in bed can end up confusing the body. When it really is time for bed, your body will not get the same sleep cues as it is used to. If this happens, it will be more challenging to fall asleep or stay asleep, which will disrupt your sleep pattern, leading to morning depression. 

Plan your morning - Planning your morning out a day in advance can help you stay on task. Since it can be challenging to do even the smallest of tasks with morning depression, having a plan can help you complete what you need to. 

Exercise during the day - Exercise is one of the most important things you can do if you struggle with depression. Although it can sometimes be challenging to find the motivation, exercise will ultimately benefit you. It promotes natural “feel good” hormones which will naturally boost your energy levels. 

Attempt a diary or meditation - A diary or journal can be beneficial for those who struggle with depression. Tracking your feelings and emotions can help you target certain patterns that you can break or enhance to better your mental health. Meditation is also very beneficial. Not only does this calm your body, but when used effectively, it can calm your mind as well. Consider throwing a couple of minutes of meditation and journaling into your daily routine. 

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