What is the Mitochondria?

This article at a glance:

  • The mitochondria power your cells
  • The mitochondria use NAD to convert everything we eat into cellular energy
  • The more NAD available to the body the healthier the mitochondria

What is the Mitochondria?

The mitochondria are what provide our cells with the fuel they need to function. Think of them as a battery that live within each cell, that keep it working. With out this battery your cells can not perform their functions correctly. A typical human cell contains anywhere from hundreds to thousands of mitochondria. They generate an estimated 90% of the energy that our cells need.

The mitochondria use NAD to convert all the food that we consume and convert it into the cellular energy we need to think and move. In order to create energy, they create a much-needed molecule known as adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The mitochondria have one primary purpose and that is to produce energy. 

The more NAD present and available to the body, the more these batteries (mitochondria) can stay charged up and keep our cells healthy. The less NAD that is available to the body the quicker a cell begins to break down and eventually die off.

In order for the mitochondria to stay functioning and healthy a constant supply of NAD needs to be readily available. Unfortunately, due to age, stress, illness and unhealthy lifestyle factors our NAD levels decline. This leaves our batteries (mitochondria) fighting for survival and unable to provide our cells with the energy they need to function leading to cell death.

Thankfully, we can now replenish our NAD daily with supplementation. Healixir provides 100% pure NAD incased in an enteric coated capsule to bypass your digestive system and reach the small intestine for higher absorption into the body.

When NAD is made readily available to the body it is able to go straight to work and provide you with greater benefits much faster. Replenishing our NAD supply is now one of the greatest investments we can make allowing us to enjoy our active lifestyles and maintain our health and wellbeing!

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