NAD IV Therapy VS NAD+ Supplement


Restoring NAD availability in your body can help improve age-related diseases, energy production and can help increase your metabolism. The battle in elevating your NAD levels is an interesting one. 


Let’s face it, the best way to increase NAD in your body is via an IV infusion. It’s the highest absorption and most effective (over supplements). No one can deny the overwhelming science to prove this. Celebrities have made IV infusions very popular and mainstream. The likes of Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber and the Kardashians all incorporate NAD IV Therapy into their lives to slow down the aging process and feel alive. The problem however for us regular folks is that it is VERY expensive, epically time consuming and to be honest, quite painful. You can also be at risk of developing an infection with an IV infusion. 


Supplements are much safer, cheaper  and convenient to take. This makes it a better option for long-term and sustaining an NAD program. The issue is supplements cannot absorb as well as an IV infusion. Most of the time, you’re wasting your money as the bioavailability is low. The bottomline is, it’s not as effective. 


This is where Healixir comes in …..we’ve taken into account that the absorption rate is much lower for NAD supplements and we wanted to improve this. We researched and found the enteric coated capsule. This capsule (unlike vegetable capsules), allows the NAD to by-pass the stomach and reach the small intestine. This allows for maximum absorption in a supplement format. 


If you’ve read the research, believe the science and want to incorporate NAD into your wellness regime, try Healixir as it’s 98.5% purity is among the highest available in the world. The uniqueness of it’s slow time release capsule makes it the safest bet for an NAD supplement. 

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