NAD and Addiction


We live in a world today where addictions are rampant. Whether it's an addiction to our phones, social media and/or substance abuses, it's everywhere. The problem is a lot of them are "normalised" as they're social accepted. How do we break these addiction cycles? 

It's been speculated that people with naturally low NAD levels have a propensity to addictions. Drug and alcohol abuse can further deplete NAD levels in the body, making it even more difficult to stop the addictive behaviour. 

What this means is, the brain cannot receive the same energy it usually would from breaking down food. Increasing NAD in the body floods the brain with the co-enzyme to replenish its levels, providing 4 main benefits:

  • It flushes out all of the drugs that are still in the user’s system.
  • It reduces withdrawal effects, which can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to tolerate.
  • It curbs the cravings for alcohol and Opioids and lessens the pain of withdrawal, making recovery easier physically and mentally.
  • It allows the body to produce energy more naturally, without a crash or jitters like Caffeine and sugar or the negative effects that come with other substances.

There are many factors to overcoming addiction. A strong support network and a willingness to fight it is crucial. With these two factors in play, supplementing with NAD can really be effective in helping the fight against addiction. 

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