How To Get Your Mojo Back with NAD+



Are you feeling like your libido is decreasing? Do you want to increase your sexual desire, sexual performance and your stamina in the bedroom? 

There are a lot of supplements out there on the market today that claim to have that special herb, vitamin or plant that will increase libido and improve your sex life. The truth is, there's no real magic potion (outside of the pharmaceutical spectrum) that will "fix" this issue. As we age, naturally our sex drive and motivation for intimacy in the bedroom will decline. It's part of the human experience. We've reached a point in our human evolution where we have science and really understand biologically how to hack our bodies and slow down the rate to which we age. We have come so far now that we can repair damaged DNA and slow down degenerative diseases from onset. The same goes for your libido. 

Thanks to the discovery of NAD+, a molecule found in your cells, we  now know that by increasing this molecule in your body, we can help to really improve your desire and motivation for sex. As we age and due to lifestyle factors, our NAD availability in the body decreases. When we increase our NAD reserves we can realign our bodies so it "acts" young again and restore libido. 

The bonus with supplementing with NAD+ is that it has no addictive qualities and has no side effects. It appears to be the safest way to remedy "ageing" conditions such as a decreasing sex drive.

Try Healixir as it has a special slow time release capsule that will allow the NAD+ to reach your small intestine and not breakdown in the stomach where it cannot metabolise. 


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