Can I tell you a secret????

We've been wanting to tell you for awhile now...

One bonus side effect we've personally experience since taking Healixir is that we don't get hangover's anymore! What a blessing. I can now enjoy a couple of glasses of red (I never used to without a killer migraine the next day) and literally bounce back the next morning. We now call Healixir "The new good morning after a good night".

We wanted to celebrate this little nugget of joy by giving you a free Weekender bottle with every 60 cap bottle purchased between now and end of weekend (Sunday 14th March). It comes in a slim line bottle so you can pop it in your bag for on the go relief from a big night!

Our Weekenders are limited so take advantage of this offer while stocks lasts!


P.S Did you know Healixir is Australian-owned, Austalian-made and Australia's favourite cell rejuvenation supplement????? Thought we'd remind you how proud we are to produce locally. Have a great weekend. X Mel and Adam x

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